Volkswagen Argentina wanted to promote its Amarok V6 4×4 pickup truck to young, tech-savvy agricultural workers who work in crop fields and rely on technology to get the job done. The Amarok has 4×4 capabilities but also comes loaded with technology that these “rural millennials” will appreciate.

Agency Geometry Argentina came up with a brilliant print and outdoor campaign that features, what looks like, aerial photographs of an agricultural field. When we look closer, we realize that the fields are actually motherboards. The tagline reads, “Amarok V6 4×4. In the technology field.” Check out the campaign below.


Volkswagen Amarok V6 4x4 - Motherboards (1)
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Volkswagen Amarok V6 4x4 - Motherboards (2)
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Client: Volkswagen Argentina
Product: Amarok V6 4×4
Agency: Geometry Argentina
CCO: Tony Waissmann
Creative Directors: María Luján Donaire, Hernán Damilano
Copy: Paula Carboni
Art Director: Santiago Castro
Producer: José Carrillo
General Account Director: Georgina Roccatagliatta
Account Executive: Joaquín Castineyras
Producer: OWL
Project Manager: Esteban Ponce

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