Every designer has a list of design software that they prefer, and a list of software that they absolutely detest, but are compelled to use sometimes.

Based on common likes and dislikes for popular design software, Gombo Digital has come up with an epic video meme that shows what President Obama’s preferences would be, if he were a graphic/web/UI designer. Which programs and software would he prefer, and which of them would he detest? Do Obama’s choices match your own? Watch below.

The original video clip is from a 2014 episode of the Key & Peele comedy sketch show on Comedy Central. In the episode, titled “Obama Meet & Greet“, actor and director Jordan Peele plays Barack Obama meeting with a bunch of people after making a speech.

When he meets a white person, Obama (Peele) is formal and professional. When he meets a black person, he gives them a hug and engages in friendly conversation. The clip has now become the internet’s favourite new meme with different versions on topics like food, sports, video games, superheroes, and more.

Which design software do you like and dislike? Share this post with a designer friend and voice your views in the comments below.

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Fuente; https://digitalsynopsis.com/design/obama-meets-and-greets-graphic-design-software/

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