Designer Shares Short, Useful Animations To Help You Create Icons In Adobe Illustrator

Melbourne-based designer and entrepreneur Marc Edwards has come up with a series of speedrun videos that show you simple techniques to create vector icons in Adobe Illustrator.

Each video lasts only a few seconds and takes you through an optimal (and sometimes surprising) method to create common UI icons like bluetooth, headphone, hourglass, paintbrush, fingerprint, lightning bolt, and lots more. You might have created such icons before, but the techniques shared in these videos will help enhance your workflow in Adobe Illustrator. Watch below.

1. Bluetooth


2. Heart


3. Paperclip


4. Timer


5. Inbox


6. Visibility


7. Planet


8. Yin & Yang


9. Command


10. Wrench


11. Bio Hazard


12. Phone


13. Heartbreak


14. Shutter


15. Pin


16. Eyedropper


17. Batman


18. Recycle


19. Olympics


20. Paintbrush


21. Flag


22. Fingerprint


23. Infinity


24. Controller


25. Headphones


26. Penrose Triangle


27. Umbrella


28. Screwdriver


29. Box


30. App Store


31. Rocket


32. Hourglass


33. Celtic Knot


34. Settings


35. Puzzle


36. Lightning Bolt


37. Halloween


38. Scissors

Our favourites: no. 14 (Shutter), and 22 (Fingerprint). What about you? Share this post with a designer friend and voice your views in the comments below. All videos © Marc Edwards.

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